ZETO & Associates Lawyers established by Legal Consultants with expertise in many legal fields.

ZETO & Associates Lawyers handles variety of legal contracts/documents and resolves any business disputes and legal disputes in addition to experience in civil lawsuits, bankruptcy, public administration and criminal lawsuit.

Having such extensive experience ZETO & Associates Lawyers fully understands a client’s needs with ‘One Stop Service’ concept, ZETO & Associates Lawyers solves every legal problem promptly and comprehensively.

Who We Are

ZETO BACHRI. Obtained his Attorney in Law degree from Sriwijaya University In 1993 and Master of Economic Law-Postgraduated Program University of Indonesia in 2007. Started his career as Senior Associate & Partner at some well known attorney’s office in Jakarta.

Since July 2000 he joined the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA) in Litigation Division. Post IBRA he became one of the members of the Working Group for Legal Problems Handling of Rehabilitation Team. Active in various Legal Seminars and handled a lot of bankruptcy cases and business disputes including being actively involved in the effort of debt restructuring in country as well as abroad. In 2006 he Strating practice as a Managing Partner Advocate Zeto & Associates until now. During his career took laws to handle many cases of commercial litigation, including bankruptcy, debt restructuring within and outside the country.

What we offer

Legal Service Practices

Legal Problem Solving; we perform various business legal problem analysis, provide legal opinion and advice and offer assistance in resolving problems including without limitation the alternatives such as:
  • Litigation
    Provide advices and act representing a Client in the settlement of various legal problems in the field of Commercial Litigation, including disputes in t... read more

Legal Service Scope

  • Litigation
    Legal services in the Public Court, the State Administration Court, the Court of Commerce, the Industrial Relation Court, the Court of Human Rights, the Court of Religion, including legal assistances at the Police and the Attorney General.
  • Banking
    Legal service in all banking transaction including credit facility, syndication, restructuring, ... read more

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